Best Apps to Buy Cryptocurrency in India

As the search for safer new-era digital transaction modes intensifies, the demand to legalize cryptocurrency is growing in many parts of the world. Despite the skepticism of governments and mainstream financial entities to allow crypto transactions, there is no denying the growing adoption of crypto coins and wallets. In India, the legality of cryptocurrency remains hazy but the central bank is all set to unveil its own digital currency. Usage of cryptocurrency and allied technologies is growing steadily. If you are a cryptocurrency user, you may pick from several available cryptocurrency apps. Before finalizing an app, however, you would want to know the factors to evaluate while choosing the exchange or app you would want to use. Mentioned below are the best apps to buy cryptocurrencies in India.

Nowadays, trading in cryptocurrencies is easier for Indian users and those who have little expertise can also join the bandwagon. There are plenty of apps but it is important to analyze your usage needs and priorities prior to picking one. You should focus on aspects like security features, ease of usage, and brokerage before selecting any such app. Take a look at the exhaustive factors that you should consider while choosing where to trade.

Listed below are the best apps to buy cryptocurrency in India right now:

  • WazirX – It is one of the widely used and popular crypto trading apps used by Indian users. After acquisition by Binance, its popularity soared. By using UPI deposits, users can buy over 100 kinds of cryptocurrencies using this app. The UI is quite simple. You can use P2P, UPI, IMPS to either withdraw or deposit funds without any issues. The company also offers 20% referral commission. There are advanced features like Stop-Limit orders, chart trading and TradingView. It has WRX, its own coin which you can buy using INR.
  • Binance – Binance is what veteran crypto traders in India prefer using. The simple UI makes using the app a breeze for the new users. Apart from making crypto transactions, the app lets you view crypto holdings and trading history anytime. The veteran users can gain by using features like limit orders, stop-limit etc. Recently, it has been enriched with the capability to let users purchase bitcoins through credit cards.
  • CoinSwitch Kuber – This is among the new entrants in the nascent Crypto Trading Exchange segment. CoinSwitch Kuber is quite good for new users. It lets you invest in various cryptocurrencies, with a frugal amount of INR 100! It supports over 100 cryptocurrencies including Ripple, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. With it, making deposits and withdrawals instantly from your bank account is possible. To get into serious trading, you have to do the KYC process.
  • Unocoin – Unocoin scores owing to its simple UI and wide support for cryptocurrencies. However, it makes KYC verification mandatory at the time of signing up. You can deposit INR 1000 to start using it. It supports biometric security features and focus on security is high. 
  • ZebPay – ZebPay is among the oldest cryptocurrency trading apps in use in India. It was launched to encourage Bitcoin usage in India. The clutter-free UI is its strong point. The KYC process is also hassle-free. Then you can begin crypto trading without delay. A Pro membership is there which gives you access to a web interface and its premium charting tools. However, it charges users for using UPIs and other payment modes. 
  • CoinDCX Go – If you are new to the cryptocurrency sector and want to tread cautiously then it is the right app for you! CoinDCX Go lets you trade in cryptocurrencies with limitations. The UI is simple to use. You can begin investing in crypto sector by using as little as INR 100. To trade over INR 10000 limit, performing the KYC process is mandatory. It has a wide range of security measures built in.

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