Few technologies since the arrival of internet have been as disruptive as blockchain! It is barely a decade old but within this short span, blockchain has evolved significantly and its application areas have widened significantly. It is no longer limited to creating and managing crypto currencies. With time, MNCs and various govt institutions have understood the immense potential of blockchain tech. Banking giants and airlines have already stated deploying the tech in varying ways. Not only that, a number of universities and institutes has started offering courses in this technology. The great thing is you no longer seek admission in foreign universities to pursue a rewarding career in blockchain. On the contrary, you can opt for blockchain courses offered by a handful of Indian institutes as well.

 Most of the blockchain courses offered in India are online though a few institutes also offer offline-classroom based training. Listed below are the top blockchain courses available in India:

  • Simplilearn – Blockchain Certification Training – This involves either self paced or mixed learning sessions. This Blockchain training course is offered online and you get detailed insight into blockchain and related topics. You also learn how to create blockchain using mining methodology. You learn about the crypto wallets and trading of bitcoins in this course too. Any person with technical background can opt for it and knowledge in programming tech will be helpful.


  • Intellipat – Blockchain Certification Training- This is another online blockchain training program you can opt for. The course duration is 30 hours while the project work and lab requires another 40 hours. This course covers everything you need to learn about blockchain and related technologies and services. The USP of this course is that the curriculum is co-developed with IBM and a Java course is bundled with it. You will have to deal with real life projects in this. Self paced learning program is also available.


  • MindMajix – Blockchain Training-Another online blockchain certification course worth pursuing, it offers 3 types of sessions- classroom based, self paced and live online. The duration is 21 hours. The course syllabus covers bitcoin, Cryptography, algorithms in blockchains, crypto mining, wallets and more. A background in computer programming will be helpful for you.


  • Edureka – Blockchain Certification Training-This courses includes Instructor-led Sessions. What you get is 36 hours of Live Instructor-Led Classes-online.  There are options for both weekend and weekday classes. It covers blockchain tech in detail and you get insights on topics like Ethereum & Hyperledger. You also get to learn about Cryptography & Cryptocurrency, smart contract, Bitcoin Mining & Security and more. The course is suited especially for project managers, software developers, Product Managers, Solution Architects.


  • TekSlate- TekSlate is an online platform offering training course on blockchain. It covers topics like Hyper Ledger, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cryptography. The 30 hours course has 2 live projects.  You may opt for live online training or self paced modules. Having knowledge on programming concepts and Linux will be helpful.


  • Kelly Technologies-If you are looking for offline classroom based blockchain training courses- the course offered by Kelly Technologies in Hyderabad will fit your bill. The course covers topics like blockchain Components, mechanism concepts, Cryptocurrencies, Smart contracts, mining bitcoins etc. You get to work in real projects. This course can be helpful for Professionals in sectors like e-commerce, banking, Finance and NBFC Professionals, and even freshers passing out of colleges. Prior knowledge in Linux and Java script can be of use.


  • Open Source Technologies-Also based in Hyderabad, Open Source Technologies offers Blockchain training courses for interested aspirants. The course covers topics like blockchain, crypto wallet security, smart contracts and more. It is handy for networking experts, software developers, programmers and business analysts.


Summing it up

In near future, many more institutes in India will offer offline and online courses and training programs in Blockchain tech. Before you get enrolled, check out the course content and affiliation of the institute carefully.

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