Ledger Nano X vs S: which crypto wallet is right for you?

Those seriously into cryptocurrency investment need suitable crypto wallets to store their assets and coins. While paper and mobile wallets are there, seasoned users often opt for the hardware wallets. There are a handful of companies that manufacture and sell hardware crypto wallets and Ledger SAS is one of them. This France origin company offers a few feature rich, secure hardware wallets which have proved to be very popular with the users. It has been into the scene since 2014. Two of its models, namely the Nano S and X are sold aplenty and both the models offer handy features. You need to know the details on each model to figure out which one meets your usage needs the best.

The Ledger Nano S and X: a detailed comparison

The basics

Ledger Nano S is the precursor to Nano X and it remains a hot selling product for the company. The Nano X was unveiled in January 2019 and it comes with a number of enhancements like wireless support. It is aimed more at the users who are more of geeks than just investors. Naturally, the Nano X is costlier among the two. The Nano X sells for $119 while its predecessor costs just $59.


When you buy a crypto wallet- regardless of type and brand, security is something you can’t overlook! Both the Ledger Nano wallets rely on special-purpose chips for enhanced security. However, they don’t feature same chips. Ledger Nano S has SE MCU with another MCU (general-purpose). The Ledger Nano X uses high end ST33J2M0 chip with dual-core MCUs to support USB and Bluetooth v5.

Size & Design

The size and design of a crypto wallet should not matter much to most users as these are not style accessories for flaunting! However, the build quality is something that can’t be overlooked. Both the Nano devices look quite stylish nevertheless.

The Nano S device sports a small OLED display as well. There are 2 physical buttons at side. It is lightweight at 16.2 grams. In the box, you get a USB hardware wallet device, manual, a USB chord, recovery seed sheet and key chain. It is made of plastic and brushed steel.

The Ledger Nano X looks flashier. The OLED screen it has is larger than that of the sibling. The buttons are placed at front side, adding to the bulge. It is a little heavier than the Nano S and has a weight of 34 grams. The addition is a 100 mAh battery. In the box, you get a USB cable, hardware wallet, getting started leaflet, keychain strap and 3 recovery sheets. It is also made with Brushed steel and plastic.


In terms of mobility, the Nano X clearly outshines its cheaper priced sibling. The Ledger Nano X has Bluetooth and supports iOS and Android devices. Those who prefer using wallets on the move and use smartphones mostly for logging in would prefer the Nano X. With the Ledger nano X, you can very well visit a shop and make a transaction wirelessly, fast using the Ledger Live app though a smartphone. This of course is possible when the store accepts crypto currency payment!

Coin type support

Serious crypto users do not stick to any one type of coin or currency throughout. They need to buy wallets with wide support for crypto coins. The Nano S supports just 18 different cryptocurrency apps. The Ledger Nano X supports 100 cryptocurrency apps. However, both the devices support 1100+ cryptocurrencies.

Software compatibility

In terms of software compatibility, the devices fare almost on same level. The Ledger Nano S supports 64-bits desktop computers and Android version 7 and later. It however lacks support for the iOS devices.

The Ledger Nano X has similar level of software support but it also connects with iOS devices through Bluetooth. Both devices support generous number of third-party apps like the ethereum wallet.

Native Apps

The native app refers to the UI that you see on a desktop or Smartphone after linking the wallet to it. In this area, both devices are same. They come with the same Ledger Live app, with smooth and fluid operation.

Initial setup

A crypto hardware wallet or any wallet needs an initial setup and after that it can be used. In this regard, the Nano X and S fare same. For both the devices, you need to do the following:

  • Start the device after plugging in a desktop or smartphone. You may connect using Bluetooth if you have the Nano X.
  • Then download and install the native Ledger Live app.
  • After initializing the device- write the seed words accurately.
  • Then confirm the seed words.
  • The next step is setting PIN for device access.

After these, you will be able to use the devices normally. You also need to update the device firmware periodically using the Ledger Live app. However, it is something you don’t need for the first time setup.

So, which crypto wallet to buy?

It is hard to say which of the 2 Ledger Nano crypto wallets is better. It actually depends on factors like your budget and usage needs. The Ledger Nano S is cheaper, more lightweight and offers good level of support for crypto currencies. It has good software compatibility too. The Nano X, however offers features that the geeks will love. Its software compatibility is also a little better and the wallet sports better looks and larger display. It also scores owing to inbuilt battery and Bluetooth support. So, the Nano S is more suited for first time crypto wallet buyers seeking device with good functionality and usage experience while the Nano X is ideal for the geeks with deep pockets.

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