Blockchain is no longer a hazy concept limited to the geeks! The technology has given birth to a lot of crypto currencies so far. From tech giants like IBM to other MNCs in various sectors are embracing it with time. Crypto currency mining has picked momentum and now it is also possible to put a smartphone to that use. Of course, you cannot use just any Smartphone for that purpose and using blockchain phone is required. From technology leaders like Samsung to brands like HTC have come up with their blockchain smartphones. A few lesser known but capable contenders have also hopped onto the blockchain phone bandwagon! One of them is PundiX, a Singapore based company that has unveiled the BOB-a unique blockchain Smartphone.

What is the PundiX BOB

The Bob-denoting Blok on Blok Smartphone was unveiled at the CES 2019 by Pundi X. The company, based in Singapore specializes in making blockchain-powered devices. It made headlines after launching the first ever point-of-sale solution powered by blockchain technology, named the XPOS. Earlier known as the Xphone, the BOB offers a functional decentralized environment along with an Android OS version running underneath.

Two OS in one phone!

You may have seen laptops or desktop computers with dual boot options. However, it is not every day that you come across a Smartphone that offers you two distinct operating systems or platforms. It lets you operate in blockchain mode and you can also switch to Android mode when you wish to. In android mode- it is not different from typical android smartphones. The good thing is switching between the modes is fast and simple and there is no need to reboot the device for that.

The blockchain mode runs on Function X operating system. It has a distributed ledger and using it you can make encrypted calls and send messages safely. In fact, anything you transmit using the device will be encrypted by blockchain tech. The privacy aware users will love this feature.

BOB utilizes the PundiX blockchain, christened Function X. It also integrates smoothly with the brand’s existing POS infrastructure. Through it you can access the Dapps too. The device also doubles up as a secure wallet. What is more interesting is the fact that it serves as a networked node. The owners get private keys and unique addresses.

A modular design and mid range spec

The Pundi X BOB sports a modular design and you get one MOD Assembly Kit using which the device’s external looks can be altered to an extent. You can also attach personal or unique accessories. However, the rest of the phone is pretty standard and spec wise it is not going to blow your mind away. It is run by a mid range Snapdragon 660 chipset and 6 GB RAM. Default storage is 64 GB and that should be good for the majority of users. It runs Android Pie OS. This may not be the fastest device but it is not exactly slouch.

The design of the phone is a bit dated and the device is bulky. Even the screen quality is not very impressive. It has a 4.97-inch AMOLED display with fullHD resolution. The imaging specs are decent while the battery capacity is 3300mAh-which is average by modern standards. You get headphone jack, NFC and Bluetooth as well.

Bang for the buck?

It is still too early to predict if the Pundi X BOB will become a runaway success or not. The company has built a robust blockchain-based ecosystem. The device is definitely cheaper than the rivals like HTC Exodus 1 or the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 and the price tag of $599 may work. However, there are a few cheaper priced blockchain phones out there and the BOB has a design that may not appeal to all. Besides, Pundi X plans to make only 5000 units and some modifications can take place to the revealed model.

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