There are plenty of gadgets and accessories that excite the geeks but only a niche section is interested in buying crypto currency hardware wallets. They are not exactly meant for flaunting and making heads turn. These gadgets are used by serious crypto currency users and investors and meant for storing sensitive data used in crypto transactions and investments. However, there are a few options for those crypto investors who prefer a stylish and feature laden hardware wallet. If you prefer a sleek hardware crypto wallet that makes jaws drop and money is no bar, then opt for the GRAY Trezor Corazon.

What is so special about it?

The GRAY Trezor Corazon is not your run of the mill hardware crypto wallet. It looks drop dead gorgeous and packs in cutting edge crypto features. It scores well on safety front too. The device is the result of a collaboration between well known crypto wallet brand Trezor and Gray-a company known for making stylish phone cases. It is part of a luxury hardware wallet lineup.

You can think of the new Trezor Corazon as the Rolex in crypto currency world! The titanium version is especially a stunner and it is literally imposable to ignore the device-regardless of one’s interest level in this segment.

So, what do you get?

Once you open the box, there is a quality metal casing which is made of aerospace-grade titanium and this is a factor behind its step price tag. You have to open twin security seals to access the wallet. Its price hovers between $750 and $1500- while the Trezor One and T models do not exceed $200 mark. The Corazon has a lengthy and chunky USB cord and GRAY black cards are there in the box as well. You also get a user guide, backup sheet and some sleek looking stickers in the box. Everything about the device screams class and it is made with single block of the metal. The build quality is premium and you need not worry about knocks and bumps.

The Corazon is offered in 3 variants. The Gold is the costliest with a price tag of $1496. There is the Stealth which costs $996 and the Titanium costs $697. However, this was the launch price and now you may obtain some discounts.

It actually delivers

You do not buy a crypto hardware wallet that costs more than thrice the price of typical wallets-only for flaunting! The Corazon excels on performance front. The casing is actually tamperproof. As far as the firmware is concerned, you get what is there in the regular Trezor Model T.

Setting up the wallet and tweaking the settings is not hard as such. You need to connect the USB chord to the device and type in in browser window and it begins. A backup pop up will show up. You have to set up the Trezor Bridge software. After the firmware installation is done, the wallet restarts. A BTC wallet gets installed by default and adding other coins is simple too.

For Trezor users, the experience should be familiar. The Trezor relies on a 12 word seed. The device’s touch screen makes it simpler to use than other competing devices. Reconfirming the seed is also simpler. However, 12-word seeds offer 128 bit security. It is fine for the most crypto currency users. Overall, setting up the device should not take more than some minutes-even for a first time user.

Adding accounts in a crypto wallet is simple and Trezor and Corazon offer support for more than 700 cryptocurrencies.

Are there any drawbacks

It is hard to find flaw with the Corazon. However, finicky users will grudge about lack of Bluetooth compatibility.

Summing it up

The Trezor Corazon is in a league of its own. It will be of little interest to the mainstream crypto users and investors. The device is aimed at a niche section of buyers –those having deep wallets and fondness for sleek and stylish accessories/gadgets. It is made robust and looks wise can slay any other rivals hands down. Setting it up and configuring the device is also simple. Apart from the lack of Bluetooth compatibility, it scores very well in each department.

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