Cryptocurrency market keeps evolving with time and similarly the number of crypto hardware wallets keeps growing. For a first time crypto currency buyer, picking the right wallet can be quite confusing. There are a few established brands that make and sell crypto wallets. Ledger and Trezor are two big players in this segment. The first hardware wallet was launched by Trezor and Ledger launched its first wallet-named Ledger Nano S. Over the years, both the companies launched newer products and these received good response. The Ledger Nano X is a capable wallet and it is pitted against Trezor Model T. Both the devices come with a plethora of features and enhanced performance.

A detailed comparison between the Trezor Model T and Ledger Nano X

Before you can zero in on any of these 2 popular hardware crypto wallets- you have to compare them on some key grounds.

  • Design and build

Trezor Model T resembles a chained clock and exudes a premium look owing to its touch screen display. There are 2 buttons on its front and they can be used to navigate the UI. The box contains the Trezor Model T device, USB-C cable, Trezor stickers, 2x Recovery seed booklet, Model T magnetic dock. It weighs just 16 grams. It is built of plastic and does not require any battery.

Ledger Nano X looks more radical and it has a stylish OLED display. However, it is not a touch display. It is a little smaller than Trezor T but weighs a bit more. The box comprises of the hardware wallet, 1 getting started leaflet, a USB chord, 3 recovery sheets and keychain strap. It is made of plastic and stainless steel and requires a battery to operate.

  • Mobility

Ledger Nano X is the clear winner on mobility. It has a battery and also features Bluetooth. The device’s 100 mAh battery runs for 5 hours before it requires a recharge. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can connect it to a device running on Android or iOS minus any USB cable. The Trezor T does not have a battery and it also lacks wireless connectivity. However, it can be counted to an Android device through a USB cable.

  • Supported crypto coins

Not everyone interested in ten crypto sector chooses bitcoin. With time, newer type of crypto currencies are appearing on the horizon and some of these are getting good response too. So, you should ideally buy a hardware crypto wallet that supports a wide range of crypto coins. Ledger Nano X  offers support for 1100 cryptocurrencies. In this regard, the Trezor T supports over 1000 crypto currencies and tokens. Both the devices rely on third party apps to extend support to so many variants.

  • Software/platform compatibility

You may want to use a hardware crypto wallet with the devices or computers you already have and so compatibility with OS/platform is an issue you cannot overlook. The Ledger Nano X supports Linux, macOS 10.8+, and Windows 8 and next editions. It also supports smartphones. The Trezor T fares similar but lacks support for iOS. So the Ledger Nano X races ahead of the rival by a small margin.

  • Security

While investing in a crypto hardware wallet- you cannot compromise on security aspect. The Ledger Nano X deploys twin chip architecture. In it, runs the BOLOS operating system which is not Open source. Unless someone can access it physically, the device cannot be hacked easily.

The Trezor Model T has a single micro-controller which is used to store and generate private keys. It is based on an open source project.

  • Native Apps

The crypto hardware wallets typically have native apps and these allow the users to connect to their computers or devices. This also offers the UI to manage cryptocurrencies. The Trezor app and Ledger Live app both are functional but the latter is more robust and fast. Nano X’s Bluetooth syncs with the Ledger Live app. This app also lets you keep tab on device stored currencies without linking it to a PC or Smartphone.

  • Initial setup

You need to run an initial setup process for the hardware crypto wallets. The Ledger Nano X and Trezor T have near similar Setup Process and you can set them up even if you are not a tech whizkid. They both have USB-C connector and C-type port.

Summing it up

 It is hard to which of the two crypto wallets is better! Both the wallets have their pros and cons. Connectivity wise the Ledger Nano X scores better owing to its Bluetooth support. While the Trezor T does sport a bigger screen than the Ledger Nano x, it is also lighter. It has a touch display which is not the case with the rival. The Ledger Nano X has a strong metal body which offers it enhanced durability. It is also cheaper than the Trezor T.

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