Technological evolution not only makes life easier for people, it also creates many unprecedented employment opportunities. There are millions of women and men who are working in brands dealing with web, mobile and networking technologies and they are in positions that did not simply exist even a decade back! The same can be said about blockchain technology. It is barely a decade old and already it has started impacting various sectors. While mass adoption is still far, there is no denying the potential of blockchain. The govts and MNCs are already experimenting with this emerging technology. It has paved the way for creation of crypto currency- a digital currency with high security and anonymity. However, not many are aware of the career options available in this sector.

Why think of a career in blockchain sector?

There are many reasons to consider a career in blockchain and crypto currency.

  • If you are a geek by nature and technological things attract you more than anything, this can be a viable career choice. Blockchain technology is evolving and newer crypto coins are being developed by various entities including the likes of facebook. Learning about such tech developments can be fun and useful-apart from the money factor.
  • In mainstream technology sector-jobs are scarce and competitions are steep. You may have to struggle hard to find a suitable job in streams like web programming, networking, and software development. Comparatively, finding a job in blockchain sector is easier and the fact is many new companies are deploying blockchain for their operations and so job openings are aplenty.
  • You can get into blockchain sector jobs even without a lot of experience. You can opt for courses on this technology while you are still pursuing your graduation or PG courses. By the time you graduate, you will be in a suitable position to apply for Blockchain industry jobs.

If you are still skeptical about job prospects in the blockchain and crypto currency sector, all you need to do is assessing a few studies carried out by leading analyst agencies on the same! Forbes said in a report that bigwigs and MNCs like Uber, eBay and GEICO are looking for candidates in these types of jobs. Even airlines and large banks are resorting to blockchain these days. The experts think in next few years, companies in healthcare, travel, food delivery and logistics will also join the bandwagon-leading to creation of new jobs.

If you complete a course in blockchain tech and have some usage knowledge, it will be easier for you to find lucrative job in this sector. You can find openings for positions of data scientists, project managers, developers, UX/UI design, Database management and more.

What you need to do to grab a plum job in blockchain sector?

  • Enroll for a course- While there are a few universities and institutes that offer exclusive courses on blockchain and crypto currency, you can find a few options by searching online. There can be part time and long distance courses as well. Of course, you have to find a course that you can manage-both financially and otherwise.
  • Enhance your knowledge- Apart from doing a course or certification in blockchain tech, you can also enhance your knowledge on the sector in other ways. There are plenty of online forums and social media groups dedicated to this technology. Become their member and sign up for the newsletters. In most cases, it will not cost you anything. The tips and resources you will get will be of great use in the long run. You may also check out the webinars and videos of blockchain events online-from time to time.
  • Choose a domain/genre- As a matter of fact, there are various types of jobs in the blockchain sector and you have to zero in on the right domain. For example, you may find jobs in database management, core cryptography, bitcoin mining, investment etc. Think of your academic background and area of specialization before getting into any of these domains.
  • Fast learning and upgrading-The blockchain sector is evolving fast, as you will see. To get a rewarding job in the sector and shine in the profession, you have to be a fast learner. You need to stay updated on the new developments and enhance your knowledge and skills to enhance your job prospects.
  • Use job portals and other avenues- You can definitely sign up for blockchain sector jobs using popular job portals. However, that may not be enough. Since these jobs are still not offered by many companies, you need to explore the other avenues to locate such niche jobs. For example, you can explore professional networking sites like LinkedIn and sign up for groups and newsletters where such jobs are posted. Apart from contacting the companies directly, you can also get references from the contacts in such sites.

Summing it up

Growth and evolution of the blockchain sector has resulted in creation of plenty of jobs and this will grow even further. However, you need to develop matching skills, and plan systematically to find rewarding jobs in this sector. You also need to be patient to get such jobs.

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