Creating a Mobile Wallet

This tutorial explains the process of creating a Mobile wallet that is free and secure on Exodus.

Download Exodus

Download the Exodus application available on both IOS and android platforms by finding the app on the Apple App store or Google play store and on their website.

Once downloaded it will show a small tutorial to get started with.




Backup your wallet to keep it safe

Now its time for the backup setup. You will receive a randomly generated 12-word secret called recovery phrase of your wallet. This phrase is like a key to your wallet door. This phrase can you be used to access your cryptocurrency from anywhere or even transfer your funds to some other wallet anytime. This provides access in unforeseen circumstances wherein the password is lost or computer access is gone.

Store this phrase and store it safely offline. It is recommended not to store it in digital manner it.




Receive cryptocurrency

Now the wallet is setup and you can start receiving the assets in this secure wallet. These instructions work for any asset supported by Exodus.  In this example, we will receive Bitcoin.

1. Click on the wallet icon at the bottom and tap on bitcoin wallet.
2. Click on receive button present on the right of your Bitcoin wallet.
3. Your address in plain text and as a QR is visible now. Use this address to receive your cryptocurrency assets.

Share this address with the concerned person/exchange and its done! You will receive the asset in your exodus wallet.

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