The cryptocurrency exchange apps let you trade multiple crypto coins without the hassles of mining. Using these apps is akin to using smartphone apps you are well-versed in. However, treading with caution is advisable. It is necessary that you assess these apps before using anyone to trade crypto coins. Lets see how to select a Cryptocurrency exchange to trade at

The number of cryptocurrency apps is only growing with time. Before choosing any such app, it would be better to check out the reviews on it. While general online reviews can be somewhat baffling, following veteran crypto analysts is a better option. However, that might not be always possible and we have curated some factors that you should consider when choosing an exchange to trade at. You can follow the reviews of top popular cryptocurrency exchanges here.

Below are important factors to consider when the question is – How to select a Cryptocurrency exchange to trade at?


The cryptocurrency app chosen by you should have robust, multi-level security. Since Bitcoin and other types of crypto coins are very hard to trace, the app used to trade such coins has to be secure. The top apps have embedded safety features like email authentication or 2-step authentication. This ensures you can evade the online traps laid by criminals, scammers, etc. Make sure you enable these if you have money lying in your exchange account, regardless of the amount.

Price Accuracy

The cryptocurrency app you select should give you access to real-time data. The value of Bitcoin and similar crypto coins keep changing. For amateur crypto users and investors, it is often hard to figure out the surges and falls in crypto coin prices. Using a suitable crypto app with access to real-time data can be bliss. With access to the updated information, making apt trading decisions becomes easier.

Coin Coverage

While major cryptocurrencies will be available at almost all exchanges, it makes sense to check if the coin you want to purchase is available to trade at the exchange you are considering. You would not want to register at an exchange where the coin you want to invest in is not available. Or would you?


This is important, but an often-overlooked factor to consider while choosing an exchange to trade at. Having better liquidity not only helps in getting your trades execute faster, it also ensures accurate prices and lower spreads. If liquidity is ample, you would save both time and money.

Customer Support

Most exchanges and users are still pretty new to cryptocurrency and having access to a good customer support team is always useful. Since big money is often involved, you would want to track your money quickly if something is not working is expected. And that is where a good customer support team will come in handy.

Based on your expertise and knowledge in the cryptocurrency sector, you have to look for the aforementioned feature set in these apps. Now that you have some knowledge on how to pick a cryptocurrency app to trade at, you should be able to keep the bad players out.

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